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Somewhere far away in a 2D galaxy all shapes of all sizes lived in geometric harmony despite their differences for many centuries. However, an elitist group of squares obsessed with the ideology of perfection has seized political control of the galaxy. Their leader, the mighty Square Lord, has sent his legion of troops to enforce his tyrannical rule across the galaxy, enslaving all who lack straight edges, congruent angles and sides, and complete symmetry.

Joe, an ordinary circle, lived in a small town far from the galaxy's political centroid, but even his home was not safe from the squares' oppression. One day he went to go buy a pair of glasses for $5.99. Little did he know that those $5.99 glasses were imbued with a special power, the power to make Joe look like a badass. Thus, Joe decided to rebel against the local authorities and has now embarked on a quest to liberate the galaxy.

Battle against the massive fleet of racist squares and take down their commanders as you crusade through the galaxy, spearheading the rebellion to end the dictatorship of the sinister Square Lord.

Install instructions

Game requires java to be installed

  1. Download the scj.7z file and uncompress it.
  2. You may need additional software to unzip the file.
  3. Open the file and run the SCJ.jar file to play the game


scj.7z 461 MB

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